Alex Castellanos Revs Up Super-PAC for Trump

Republican Alex Castellanos did not support Donald Trump during the primary, but he’s come around for the general election, and is now heading up a new super-PAC to support the billionaire’s candidacy. 

“Was he my first choice? No,” Castellanos told Bloomberg Politics’ “Masters in Politics” podcast. “He’s now our Republican nominee. I didn’t take a pledge but I’m still a Republican and a conservative and eight more years of Obama and Clinton and that kind of thing? Guess what? I want to help Donald Trump get elected president of the United States. I’ll do anything and everything I can do to make that happen.”

Though Trump disavowed super-PACs in the primary, and mocked rivals for accepting their unregulated donations, Castellanos said that Rebuilding America Now has the candidate’s backing. 

“We had a meeting Wednesday with contributors and Paul Manafort called in, gave our contributors a briefing on the state of the campaign and let folks know that there’s no better way to help elect Donald Trump than to support our PAC, Rebuilding America Now,” Castellanos said. “Marty Obst, who is running the Mike Pence VP operation, also came and Governor Pence is going to be giving us part of his schedule to attend some events where we’ll be having an opportunity to raise a few dollars for the PAC. I don’t think any other PAC is getting that kind of encouragement.”

The binary choice described by many voters this year, Castellanos said, was epitomized by a Frank Luntz focus group at which the single word most participants used to describe Hillary Clinton was “liar,” while the word chosen for Trump was “scary.” For Castellanos, the choice between the two candidates is clear. 

“Change is always scary, it may be even more scary now that we are playing for keeps. It’s a lot easier to make change a little more comfortable than it is for Hillary Clinton to become something she is just not.”

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Alex Castellanos Revs Up Super-PAC for Trump